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We make doing your laundry simple. We can save your time, so you can enjoy doing the things you love. We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.

Full Price list

Shirt/T-Shirt at Rs.60
Pullovers/Sweaters at Rs.130
Trousers/Jeans at Rs.70
Kurta at Rs.75
Blazers/Jacket at Rs.180
Tie at Rs.35
Kurta Fancy at Rs.125
Shorts at Rs.50
Waist Coat at Rs.120
Shawl at Rs.130
Dhoti at Rs.80
Pyjama at Rs.60
Sherwani Plain at Rs.350
Suit (2pcs) at Rs.250
Suit (3pcs) at Rs.325
Sherwani (Fancy) at Rs.450
Leather Jacket at Rs.350
Kurta Heavy at Rs.140
Sherwani (Heavy) at Rs.600
Tracksuit at Rs.250
Muffler/Cap at Rs.70
gentell at Rs.20
sweat shirt at Rs.120
Sweat Jacket Heavy at Rs.150
Sweat jacket at Rs.120
Jacket Heavy at Rs.250
Tshirt Heavy at Rs.75
Muffler at Rs.60
Gloves at Rs.30
sareee polish heavy at Rs.100
Coat/Bandhgala Long at Rs.300
Dhoti pyama at Rs.90
Pyjama Fancy at Rs.75
Sweater Half at Rs.80
Panjabi at Rs.100
Pullovers/Sweaters at Rs.130
Frock at Rs.75
Kurtis at Rs.75
Trousers/Jeans at Rs.70
Jackets/Blazers at Rs.180
Kurti/Kameez Fancy at Rs.150
Tie at Rs.35
Shorts at Rs.50
Waist Coat at Rs.120
Top/Shirt at Rs.60
Salwar/Dupatta at Rs.60
Shawl at Rs.130
Saree (Cotton) at Rs.90
Saree (Silk) at Rs.150
Stole at Rs.60
Skirt(Short) at Rs.70
Skirt(Long) at Rs.110
Dress/Lahenga at Rs.200
Blouse(Plain) at Rs.50
Blouse(Heavy) at Rs.100
Saree Fancy at Rs.250
Lehanga fancy at Rs.300
Heavy Lehenga at Rs.450
Anarkali Suit at Rs.350
Saree Heavy at Rs.350
Dress Fancy at Rs.225
saree benarasi at Rs.200
Sweater Heavy at Rs.150
peticoat at Rs.50
dupatta fancy at Rs.90
Stole shawl at Rs.90
saree polish at Rs.50
Polish Fancy at Rs.75
Polish at Rs.50
Steam iron at Rs.40
Leggins at Rs.60
Jacket Light at Rs.150
Ghagra at Rs.150
Overcoat Heavy at Rs.400
Saree at Rs.125
Blouse at Rs.75
Kidswear at Rs.70
Kids Blazer/Jacket at Rs.150
Curtain W/D(per kg) at Rs.150
Bedsheet S at Rs.90
Bedsheet D at Rs.150
Blanket S at Rs.220
Blanket D at Rs.300
Blanket XL at Rs.400
Table Cloth S at Rs.70
Table Cloth B at Rs.90
Towel at Rs.50
Pillow Cover at Rs.40
Bedcover S at Rs.120
Bedcover D at Rs.200
Bath Robe at Rs.99
Sofa Cover(per kg) at Rs.150
Quilt Cover S at Rs.150
Quilt Cover D at Rs.250
Daari(per sq ft) at Rs.15
Soft Toys S at Rs.99
Soft Toys M at Rs.199
Soft Toys L at Rs.349
Carpet(per sq.ft) at Rs.25
Sofa Spa at Rs.300
Curtain Blinds cat2 at Rs.250
Curtain Blinds cat3 at Rs.175
Mosquito Net at Rs.75
curtains at Rs.75
Apron at Rs.100
Bag at Rs.250
Comfortor at Rs.300
Quilt at Rs.400
Bedcover thick at Rs.200
Towel S at Rs.25
Mat S at Rs.50
Comforter at Rs.220
Covers at Rs.100
Pillow at Rs.100
Regular Wear (Wash & Fold per kg) at Rs.60
Regular Wear(Premium Laundry per kg)** at Rs.120
Regular Wear(Express Laundry)*** at Rs.150
Regular Wear(Wash & Iron per kg)* at Rs.80
Curtains(Wash & Fold per kg) at Rs.100
Curtains(Wash & Iron per kg) at Rs.120
Bedsheets(Wash & Fold per kg) at Rs.100
Bedsheets(Wash & Iron per kg) at Rs.120
Covers(Wash & Fold per kg) at Rs.100
Covers(Wash & Iron per kg) at Rs.120
Steam Iron at Rs.10
peticoat at Rs.30
Regular wear -Wash & Iron Slab-1 at Rs.340
Undergarment at Rs.15
Hankerchief at Rs.5
Steam Iron Shirt at Rs.14
Undergarments at Rs.15
Regular laundry slab 1 at Rs.350
Regular laundry slab 2 at Rs.640
Regular laundry slab 3 at Rs.900
Regular laundry at Rs.32
Note: For Regularwear:-
(i) Regular wear - Shirts/Trousers/Jeans/Select Salwar,Kurti
(ii)*(0-4Kg) at Rs 340/- (Rs 80 per Kg)after that...
(iii)**Separate Packing Cuff & Collar Treatment
(iii)***( Minimum Order Rs 500) , 24hrs DLY

IMP NOTE: Free Pick Up and Delivery (Min order value is Rs.300)

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